New England 2nd Chance Rescue

                                                 STRESS SIGNALS CHECKLIST FOR DOGS

Please keep in mind that the signals are not always tell tale signs of stress some are normal but get to know your dog and if you see these signs and they are out of the norm it is important to react accordingly. Typically stress can be reduced with some simple actions.

Every situation is different however just removing your dog from a situation, giving them longer walks, or they may simply need water. If there is a concern of your dog being stressed it is best to talk to your Veterinary Doctor and come up with a plan.

 EYES:                                                                              VOCALIZING:

Dilated pupils                                   ❑                                Whining                                 ❑

Glazed over                                       ❑                                Screaming                              ❑

Squinting                                           ❑                                Excessive barking                ❑

Avoidance of eye contact               ❑                                Growling                                ❑

Direct stare                                        ❑

FACE:                                                                               POSTURE:

Furrowed brow/scowling                ❑                                Stiff                                         ❑

Veins popped out under eyes        ❑                                Avoidance                              ❑

Ears uneven                                       ❑                                 Hiding in back of kennel    ❑

Ears up and aroused                        ❑                                 Turning away                        ❑

Ears plastered back                          ❑                                 Stretching                              ❑

MOUTH:                                                                          OTHER:

Lip licking                                           ❑                                   Sniffing                                       ❑

Clomping jaw                                     ❑                                  Trembling                                   ❑

Yawning                                              ❑                                   Red pigment ears/eye rims   ❑

Panting – too wide                            ❑                                   Chewing/scratching at self    ❑

Panting – too shallow                      ❑                                    Spinning/circling                      ❑

Velvet tongue                                    ❑                                    Digging/escape behaviors      ❑

Drooling                                              ❑                                    Chewing at bars                       ❑

Snarling                                               ❑                                    Top of nose abraded               ❑